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TrendyGamers Review: The Thing (2011)

TrendyGamers writes:
Now, despite all these flaws and inconsistencies, this film still manages to be an extremely satisfying experience. It is a well-made film that offers a number of real scares and gross-out moments, and manages to be a lot of fun throughout. It will not go down in film history as a genius piece of cinema, but it manages to be entertaining in its own right. John Carpenter’s film will always be a masterpiece. So will Christian Nyby’s film, and so will John W. Campbell Jr.’s short story. The Thing universe has its brilliant works and it also has it’s not so-brilliant (the 90′s Dark Horse The Thing From Another World comics, anyone?). Mercifully, this movie had the grace to fall somewhere in between. There will still be people who will hate this film no matter what, but that’s always the unavoidable truth with sequels or prequels. For anyone interested in a pretty solid modern horror film, I recommend giving The Thing (2011) a watch.

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