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Bleeding Cool Review: Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 2 – Bloodletting

Bleeding Cool says

Warning! This review necessarily contains spoilers for Episode One: What Lies Ahead. If you’ve not seen it yet and you want to remain in the dark then turn around now. It also contains plot details from early on in Episode Two.

If we’re going to have flashbacks in this show (and we are) I’d like to register my interest right now in seeing a flashback to Dale in the 60s. I like to think that he had hair down to his ass, a handlebar moustache and rejected all clothing that didn’t have a tie-dye pattern. Or better yet, rejected clothing altogether.

Enjoy that mental image.

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Crazay3417d ago

I did NOT read this despite already having a pretty damn good idea of what's going to happen,but, thought that there are some of you who may want to check this out regardless.

alycakes3416d ago

I'm already stressed out enough after watching the first one. I can't wait for Sunday but I did see that they find other people alive and well and that was shown in the previews but that first one was intense.