One Minute Of Brand New Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance Footage From Scream Awards

CBM says

Featuring the villainous Johnny Whitworth as Blackout, check out this action packed clip from the 2012 movie featuring the heroic arrival of Ghost Rider! WARNING: This is bad ass...

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Crazay4179d ago

I didn't hate the last movie by any stretch but the CG always felt a little unfinished to me. This actually looks like they tried harder to make it look sharp.

DarkBlood4179d ago

well i like to think of it this way early on when he first got those powers his skull was bright but over time the more hes in that form the darker his skull gets

kind of a unofficial explanation other then a better cgi work

MinimeJer054179d ago

This looks really good, despite the lack of anything going on in the footage. I like how the tone is much creepier, almost has a horror element to it.

The first one tried to do something, but ended up being too silly and not in a good way like Neveldine/Taylor's Crank films.

Crazay4179d ago

Thats a really good point - I hope it has a more intense horror style feel to it.

DarkBlood4179d ago

hmmm judging by the way it looks i take it this is somewhere in the begining of the film like a after semi
introduction of sorts

Crazay4179d ago

that was the impression I was getting too. Kinda like a re-introduction to the character and to see what Johnny's been up to with his new powers.

MinimeJer054179d ago

Sort of reminded me of Punisher: War Zone's reintroduction to Frank Castle.

Crazay4179d ago

It's been a really long time since I watched that. I should check it out again. I liked how War Zone was so violent the way The Punisher should be.

BlackTar1874178d ago

man i was so sad by how bad warzone was.

I wish i could take back my time watching it and my money back form buying it on DVD cuz im a huge fan of the punisher :(

KidMakeshift4179d ago

Looks amateurish like a straight to video kind of movie


Crazay4178d ago

I really couldn't disagree with ypu more on than statement - granted the video taken is nothing more then someone's camera phone or still camera and that does take a little away from the video we see here. There is nothing in the actual video for this movie that looks amateurish in the least bit

alycakes4178d ago

I did like the first one and I know I'm going to like this one. I liked the Ghost Rider idea of even existing. The fact that the devil himself expected to have him as his slave to do his bidding and then it backfired on him is just a good idea for a movie or story any day to me. I got into it from the very beginning. The story could have been done a little better but Nick Cage was perfect for the part and I'm hoping that they learned from the mistakes they made from the first one and this one will be much,much better.