Kevin Smith on Red State, Lacking Talent, and ‘Kevin Smith Movies’

Vulture says

With his supposed retirement around the corner, Kevin Smith has been busy promoting his horror film Red State, which opened to big, if not slightly manic, buzz at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The movie, which stars John Goodman and Melissa Leo and is out on DVD today, follows a group of hate-mongering Christian fundamentalists and their Fred Phelps–type leader (played by Michael Parks). We spoke with Smith about watching Phelps footage in the dark, bailing on Green Hornet, and “Kevin Smith movies.”

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Crazay2806d ago

I think he's got a talent for witty smart-assed dialogue. Personally, here's how I'd rate Kevin Smiths career.

1.) Chasing Amy
2.) Clerks 2
3.) Clerks
4.) Dogma
5.) Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
6.) Mallrats
7.) Jersey Girl
8.) Cop Out