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Player Affinity writes: "Last week, plot progression and some fantastic acting made “Once Upon a Time...” a very strong episode in my eyes, perhaps one of, if not the best since the close to season four. I’m not sure then if it is a very short term case of nostalgia or simply the content itself that made “Smokey and the Bandit” not quite live up to its predecessor. The episode was good. Episodes of Dexter are always good, but it suffered somewhat from a lack of direction. The plot was a mixture of continued story progression along with a throwback to Dexter’s past that just didn’t quite work for me. While the season premiere had the blast from the past down cold, with Dexter getting to relive the awkwardness of high school, this time around the story was just a little too isolated to have any real impact. That being said, like with many of his victims, Dexter took something away that seemed to grow him as a person, somewhat redeeming what just did not work for me. "

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