Cillian Murphy Coy On The Dark Knight Rises

CBM says

Watch as the actor that played Scarecrow in the two previous Batman films responds to rumors that Dr. Crane is making an appearance in the next installment.

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Crazay2776d ago

All the rumors that suggest he's going to play a role in the new movie are pretty compelling. I'm a fan of Cillian's so seeing him in the next movie wouldn't bother me in the least.

darklordzor2776d ago

Of course he's going to dodge those questions, there's no way he can answer them. At this point, this really isn't news and it baffles me how many sites are reporting on things like this. It's more boring to me than anything.

I'm sure he'll be in the movie somehow. It was a pleasant surprise in the last film, and I'm willing to be surprised at where he shows up in this film, though I don't doubt it will happen.

koouunn2775d ago

how is this news exactly, it says nothing
but ii understand that ppl want t hear everything about TDKR,
but this is creating too much hype, and i feel that there is no possible way the movie can live up to this much hype

Tuxedo_Mask2775d ago

Judging from his appearance in the last film I hope he gets treated better if he is in TDKR. I'd rather see him as a competent villain who can actually have an effect on Batman than the leader of a bunch of ragtag thieves who have trouble with out of shape vigilantes. It was cool seeing him in TDK, but if they neuter his character any more they might as well just show a quick flash of him wearing a straight jacket in his cell in the TDKR.