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Fox, SPT Developing 'Zombieland' Comedy Series

THR says

Fox is looking for its own set of zombies.

Fresh off the record-breaking ratings for Sunday's Season 2 premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead, the network and Sony Pictures Television are developing a potential half-hour comedy based on the Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone starrer Zombieland.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Fox and SPT are in development on a half-hour comedy version of the 2009 feature from producer Gavin Polone, as first reported by Vulture.

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Crazay3335d ago

Sigh......I'm not big on this news for a few reasons.

1.) We won't get the original cast
2.) I'm not sure I look at Zombieland as a "Comedy"...I mean it has comedic moments but I still can't quite consider it a comedy.
3.) Why Zombieland? Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie, but I think they should leave it alone. Want to go back to the series, do it in a proper movie.
4.) 30 minute episodes? It may as well become a sitcom with laugh tracks.
5.) If they want to do a Survival Horror series, do it in 1hr episodes, and base it on the characters of Left 4 Dead.

darklordzor3335d ago

I'm actually really stoked about this news. Even without the original cast, I think the writers could still pull it off.

I always considered it a comedy and enjoyed it on that level.

You have to remember that before it was a movie, the original plan was to make it into a TV show. So this is actually going back to the franchise's roots.

Crazay3335d ago

Ya that is true. I remember reading somewhere that it was supposed to be a TV series originally. I guess as long as it's the original writers it could still work but I dunno man.

darklordzor3335d ago

The only thing that really bugs the 30 minute time limit. Just seems like that might be cutting it a little short for this type of genre.

Still I'm down for it. When you look at the film, it is kind of easy to see the elements of TV series that's in there, which the writers originally planned.

Plus with them having 'worked on TV ideas for years' there's sure to be some damn good stuff in there.

DarkBlood3335d ago

looks like i can seriously get back into tv since smallville

hope this comes to fruition as they say

Crazay3335d ago

I'm kinda missing Smallville too. None of the new shows this year have really interested me that much. I will be checking out Grimm this week though. If you have a twitter account, follow NBCGrimm and they send a code to access the premiere 2 weeks early.

DarkBlood3335d ago

yeah at the time smallville ended there wasnt really anything on tv i was interested in but now there seems to be quite alot of interesting ideas that id love to watch

so im going to get a cable and connect it to my hdtv for the first time lol

alycakes3334d ago

I'd rather have a Zombieland 2 movie than the tv series. I really dont' think they will make it into a very good weekly tv show. You really can't do a lot with that on a comedy level if it's just 30's just going to be dumb.

Crazay3334d ago

So would I. I'm not a fan of the 30minute horror sitcom idea.