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Top 10 Gory Movie Moments (For Beginners?)

Man, I Love Films writes:
I am an unapologetic Horror movie lover. When it comes to the genre, I love the good, the bad and the very, horribly, disturbingly bad. Even though my wife is convinced I’ve become completely desensitized to cinematic violence, even I have to turn away every now and then. While I love a good gory movie, even I have my limits. However, there are some gory movie moments that I absolutely love.

Now I know there’s a lot of people out there that don’t love watching people being beaten to a pulp or disgusting shots of body parts flying across the screen. Yet, there are some moments when the gore just works. So, I’ve put this list together to help out all those gore haters out there… to hip them to those moments when they really need to peek through the fingers they’re holding over their eyes. Think of it as Gore for Dummies. Remember, these are not the best 10 gore scenes of all time… these are 10 that you have to watch.

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JL3429d ago

That one in Pet Semetary is brutal.

I know this is supposed to be a "beginners" list, so I'm sure this might not make it in there, but here are 3 that I find gruesomely disturbing:

1. "Hobbles" in Misery. That makes me hurt just watching that.

2. It's not a horror movie, but the scene in 127 Hours where he cuts his arm off is absolutely graphic and gruesome.

3. The wire scene in Audition. Definitely disturbing.

Blink_443428d ago

A lot of the scenes from the thing (1982 version) were pretty gruesome.

barb_wire3428d ago

Although not gory by stretch or means - what about Luca Brasi's death in 'The Godfather' stabbed in the hand whilst been strangled from behind - eyes bugging out and grasping for air..

Or Billy Batts' death in 'Goodfellas' where Joe Pesci repeatedly stabbed him the car truck and DeNiro finishes him off by shooting him.

Bathyj3428d ago

Nice picks. Luca had a tongue the size of a subway.

Cant go past the head in the vice in Casino either.

Pesci is an angry little pr*ck. "Charlie FKN M"

ChiVoLok03428d ago

Not really disturbed by movie's gore. I know it's fake so something in my head stops me from feeling sick. When I watch real gore however, I feel extremely disturbed. I saw this guy who got his head cut off and then got the skin torn off his face which nearly made me barf and gave me nightmares for like 3 days.

Shackdaddy8363428d ago

Ya. I've looked at some gory war footage and I just can't take it. Faces being torn off like masks, huge gashing holes in people's heads from explosions.

Also, I watched that one execution video from last year where they slowly sawed off a guy's head. It made me cry and then throw up...So extremely sad...

ChiVoLok03428d ago

I think I saw that one too and the sad thing is that it happens every day here in Mexico and rarely gets news coverage or if it does they cover it up and don't give details. Sad nation to be in at the moment really.

MinimeJer053428d ago

Sorry to side comment, but wow guys, I don't think I could handle REAL footage. Just reading your replies make my stomach turn.

Anything with the achilles tendons getting cut or torn usually has me squirm.

Blink_443428d ago

Like in hostel? That was gross.

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