Why Aren't You Going to the Movies?

MovieFone: "I'm really concerned about how soft things are," a panicked and unnamed longtime studio executive told Nikki Finke about the depressed box office numbers that have hit Hollywood in the last two months. "I'm sitting here looking at grosses and I'm concerned for the industry. What's worrying me is where are those hardcore movie fans at this point?" Probably still seeing movies, actually. The better question is: where is everyone else? Why aren't you going to the movies?

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movieshateyoutoo2770d ago

The biggest reason I sometimes prefer seeing a movie at home vs. at the theater is the audience. I see most films theatrically via advance screening but when I have to see a film with the general viewing public I get put off very quickly because of all the talking, showing up late, cells phones ringing, and cell phone screens constantly lighting up so someone can text. I can avoid all those things by waiting 3 months and watching it at home with no distractions. Bad product might be keeping most people away but it's the people keeping me away.

JL2769d ago

I just prefer watching a movie in the comfort of my own home. It's more enjoyable to just kick back on the couch and watch a movie. And I typically have no problem waiting the ~4 months to get it on DVD.

I don't have to put up with others then, of course I typically go late at night or at the matinee, so there's always a good chance nobody is there anyways. Especially since I never go opening weekend for a movie.

Really for me, the only time I go to the theater isn't cause I just have to see a particular movie. It's because it's something to do for date night.

alycakes2770d ago

Hey, I'm still going. Not every week like I used to but at least every other week.

Horny Melon2770d ago

Why has friday night movie night disappeared in my house? Because I know the plot, who the secret villan is, what the plot twist will be and who will come out on top at the end without ever having to go to the movies. Quit building movies on an assembly line.....and quit leaning on CG to tell your story.