Johnny Knoxville And Forest Whitaker Join Arnold Schwarzenegger In Kim Ji-woon's The Last Stand

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The world has become a much stranger place with word that Johnny Knoxville, Forest Whitaker and Luis Guzman have joined the cast of Kim Ji-woon's Arnold Schwarzenegger led picture The Last Stand.

Production is now under way on Kim's modern western with Schwarzenegger in the lead - which leads me to believe Arnold's role in The Expendables 2 is not as large as we have been led to believe as he can't be both places at once - and Eduardo Noriega as the main villain. The casting of Schwarzenegger was already a bold step - can he be believable as a small town sheriff along the Mexican border? - but this supporting cast is a bit mind bending. I've always thought that Knoxville was a better actor than he is given credit for and if Kim can get them to mesh together it'll be something of a coup but, really? A Jackass, Ghost Dog and Terminator in the same movie? Weird.

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Crazay3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

This is quite the Mishmash of actors. A larger than life Action star with, a goofy latino actor who I never took seriously in any of his roles (especially after Waiting) an Academy Award Winner and the king of Nut Shots.

alycakes3420d ago

You've got that right. I think Arni wants his come back to be filled with a variety of character actors and most of them are good actors.

DarkBlood3420d ago

well i hope his role is at least average in the expendables 2 but then again id like a film where he has more focus or should i say "center of attention"