Watch the New Trailer For The Adventures of Tintin

Comingsoon says

A new trailer has debuted, courtesy of iTunes Trailers, for director Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin. Check it out in the player below!

Opening domestically in 3D, 2D and IMAX 3D theaters on December 23, the big screen adaptation stars Jamie Bell as Tintin, the intrepid young reporter whose relentless pursuit of a good story thrusts him into a world of high adventure, and Daniel Craig as the nefarious Red Rackham.

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Crazay2774d ago

This is the creepiest goddamn movie ever. I'm taking a huge pass on TinTin.

JL2774d ago

lol What's so overly creepy about it? So, you're gonna pass cause you think it will scare you?

I'm sold on it and will be checking it out at some point. Looks like it could be an awesome ride.

Crazay2774d ago

LOL!! I nearly wet myself when I saw TinTin ok? He's creepier then the kid from The Sixth Sense. No, seriously, the characters just look like this strange CGI/Human crossbreed. It's kinda eerie.

Also, the reason I'm passing is be cause TinTin never interested me regardless of who's working on it. As a Canadian who lives in Ottawa, Ontario (Right next to Quebec) TinTin was shoved down our throats as kids because it was French. I guess I still harbor ill feelings to the character because of that.

Shackdaddy8362774d ago

What? How does it look creepy?

Crazay2774d ago

They just look...cartoony...yet....not. Something about the characters just looks strange to me.

TheCritic282774d ago

In Spielberg I trust...I think he'll deliver a film worth seeing.

Shackdaddy8362774d ago

This is possibly the coolest movie I have seen in a long time. Reminds me of a mix of Indiana Jones and the old Disney movies.

Can't wait!

JL2774d ago

Yea, definitely looks like a cool and fun adventure. I could definitely see the Indiana Jones vibe.

I'm calling this as being the animated film of the year.