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Transformers' 4 & 5 May Shoot Back-to-Back

ShowBlitz says

EXCLUSIVE: Paramount and Hasbro were so fond of the $1 billion that “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” made worldwide that they're going for two: plans are being considered to shoot the fourth and fifth installments back-to-back, Variety's Justin Kroll and Marc Graser report. Hasbro said on a Monday earnings call that it was in "active discussions" with Paramount, Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg on how to move forward, and sources close to the planning process tell SHOWBLITZ it could actually be two films headed into production, a measure that can save millions because cast and crew deals only be negotiated once, among other factors.

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Crazay3425d ago

I really hate the idea of Statham in this movie. I like the guy, but Shia brought a charming boyish energy to the movie that I thought worked well.

DarkBlood3424d ago

yeah i wonder if Statham will be in both 4th and 5th movie

i mean after all fast furious 6 and 7 is being shot back to back and hes in the 6th one for all i know right now

Crazay3424d ago

Statham just doesn't have certain things that make him a good fit for the Transformers series

DarkBlood3424d ago

im inclined to agree, so far hes an action type of person you have to wonder exactly what someone like him is going to do in transformers lol

alycakes3424d ago

As much as i love Statham...I can't see him in this series. He is not made for this. He need to stick to his kind of thing and let them do their thing. I don't know what he was thinking agreeing to do this.