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NBC Offers Twitter Followers First Look at Grimm

Comingsoon says

NBC is offering followers of the Twitter account of its new drama "Grimm" a first look at the full pilot episode before its premiere on October 28. Here is the full announcement:

NBC is kicking off its edgy new drama "Grimm" with multi-faceted previews that include an unprecedented industry first allowing Twitter followers of the show handle to preview the entire series premiere beginning today, October 14, two weeks prior to the broadcast premiere on Friday, October 28 (9-10 p.m. ET).

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Crazay4516d ago

Got my code from them within moments of adding them to my follow group. SWEET!

JL4516d ago

Interesting little promotion here. I've already seen it and not interested in watching it again. But anybody that was a fan of Buffy and such, should at least give this a shot probably.

alycakes4515d ago

Oh, I'm really waiting on this one. I was interested in this from day one. This is my kind of stuff so I hope they have some good interesting stories to tell each week because I'll be watching.


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