Top Ten Willem Dafoe Peformances

With almost 30 years and over 80 films to his credit, Willem Dafoe has made his mark as one of the very best character actors. Here are Matt’s Movie Reviews picks for the Top Ten Willem Dafoe Performances.

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PaPa-Slam2808d ago

He has done some great performances, but i think his work is very under-appreciated.

mpejko2808d ago

Having watched a bunch of his films of late, I totally agree.

movieshateyoutoo2808d ago

How could they leave off his riveting performance in Body of Evidence? Outrageous!

Lord_Sloth2808d ago

Dafoe is an impressive actor and 1 of my favorites alongside Bryan Cranston.

JL2808d ago

No mention of Boondock Saints? Auto fail! I think that one has to be my favorite role of his hands-down. He did very well in Shadow of the Vampire and Last Temptation. But I'd easily put Boondock Saints above any of the other choices. And would easily be battling for first with the previously two mentioned.

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The story is too old to be commented.