B-Roll Footage From The Avengers New York Comic Con Panel

CBM says

Marvel has made B-Roll footage from The Avengers NYCC panel available on-line to select media members. Watch to see Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston interacting with fans plus a different look at the actual Avengers panel.

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winner923427d ago

this will turn out to be the best superhero movie EVER!!!

JL3427d ago

I doubt it. I'm actually expecting this one to disappoint a little bit. Not to say it will be bad, I think it will be decent. But, there's so much hype behind it and expectations of it being amazing that I don't think it's going to live up to those expectations.

It will do VERY well in theaters at least. The marketing behind it will be HUGE and they'll make tons of money off of it. Critically speaking, though, I'm betting we're looking at something much closer to Thor as opposed to The Dark Knight.

Crazay3427d ago

Well said JL. I'd send along a Bubble up have enough.