Chloe Moretz Says Expect Kick-Ass 2 News Soon

CBM says

While talking with MTV on the red carpet Chloe Mortez was less than forthcoming with news regarding Kick-Ass 2. She did however say that we can expect news on the project very soon. Saying that they have something up their sleeve.

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movieshateyoutoo3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

I wonder if the fun associated with her character doing so many innapproprate things will carry over to the sequel now that she is a few years older.

JL3421d ago

I think they have a few years to still get that same type of appeal. She's still young enough. Plus she looks young enough that she can pass off as younger. If this movie gets put off till she's an adult, however, then that appeal/fun is definitely out the window a bit.