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Bad Movies We Love: Father of the Bride Part II

MovieLine: A friend of mine once explained to me her chief problem with movies: “I don’t like when movies have conflicts. Can’t we just hang out with the characters and make jokes and have fun? It’s nicer that way.” This week’s Bad Movie We Love answers that harebrained prayer with a conflict-free plot, a smiley disposition from beginning to end, and a huge helping of total irrelevance. It’s the 1995 sequel Father of the Bride Part II starring The Big Year’s lead amigo Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, and a company of stress-free actors. Father of the Bride Part II is the cinematic equivalent of vanilla ice cream with butterscotch syrup: old-fashioned, tasty, and fit for consumption on a Sunday afternoon with your grandparents. Put in your dentures and watch the sedatest version of a “wild and crazy guy” you’ll ever see.

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