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10 Superhero Movies We’re Glad Never Happened

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Last week, we heard about Joel Schumacher's plans to cast Nicolas Cage as the Scarecrow in his planned third Batman movie, after Batman and Robin. It's enough to give you nightmares, and not in the way the Scarecrow is supposed to.

But Schumacher's Batman: Triumphant is by no means the only unfilmed superhero movie that could have helped hold the genre back from achieving greatness. Here are 10 other superhero movies that we're grateful we never saw.

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Soldierone3422d ago

i already express how I don't really like James Cameron at times.....but 9) James Cameron's Spider-Man ....WOW. Could you attempt to ruin comics in any other way? I hope he NEVER gets his hands on anything from comics or video games now.

While I like him, I think Tim Burton should stay away from any characters that are not dark to begin with. I mean Superman? That isn't his cup of tea and I don't want it to be, Superman isn't dark.

I just wish these Hollywood bigwigs would see the stories for what they are and its not senseless action sequences....

Crazay3422d ago

I was more then a lil perplexed by those decisions of his too. I'm glad that we got Raimi to bring us SPider-man in the way he did.

CynicalVision3422d ago

'I hope he NEVER gets his hands on anything from comics or video games now.'

Right, because James Cameron is a terrible director with very little success. >.>

Soldierone3422d ago

Couldn't care less how well his films sell. A lot of crappy movies sell well, but I don't see anyone defending them for being amazing. How much hate does Transformers get? I haven't liked one of his in a while and its personal opinion, as in MY opinion.

Plus based on how he has absolutely no understanding of what Spider-Man is, why would he take the effort to understand another one? Especially since Spider-Man is probably the biggest and most easily known character there is, there is no way he would ever do a smaller series any justice. He would probably make the Twilight of zombies if he had his hands on The Walking Dead with that motive.

DarkBlood3422d ago

For the:

Spiderman: what o.o sounds weird for a spiderman movie i only say that because of what we are used too

Wonderwoman: i somewhat like to see all ideas present in that section happen this is going by how much i like marvels captian america first avenger settings

Fantastic four 3: hmm i dont know with chris evans as capts unless he dies in the third film or is in no way interconnected with the other marvel movies then yes if not then reboot needed

Spiderman 4: errr huh *scratches head*

Superman flyby: ok wtf o.o

Golan spiderman: ok wtf again o.o?

Batman v.s superman: idea is great but i think a script needs alot more work

SUperman lives: id love to see something like the death of superman but somewhere it got little off track

jack black lantern: what in the hellllll o.o

iamnsuperman3422d ago

"Superman vs. Batman" Stupid idea especially right now. The problem with a superman vs batman movie is they are totally different types of super heroes. College humour point this out quite well.

Soldierone3422d ago

I think thats why Batman is being rebooted after the next film. He won't be as dark etc...

Plus the stories worked perfectly fine in the comics :P

Video was funny though!

krazykombatant3422d ago

Batman won't be "rebooted" necessarily for the Justice League movie but I think they're going to try and paint him in a different light.

I refuse to believe the Rise of the Dark Knight will be the last movie.

winner923422d ago

i think it'd be cool to see superman vs batman

MinimeJer053422d ago

Never knew about Cameron's Spider-Man. That just sound weird. I remember when they teased Batman and Superman during I Am Legend. I knew it was just a joke, but I still wondered how the hell they were going to pull it off.