‘Real Steel’ #1 After ‘Footloose’ Stumbles; ‘The Thing’ #3; ‘The Big Year’ Comics Bomb

Deadline says:

Seriously, do movie moguls get into showbiz just to greenlight unnecessary remakes of teen movies, prequels to horror movies, or unfunny comedies that humiliate big stars like Owen Wilson, Jack Black, and Steve Martin? Apparently so, based on this weekend’s trio of major opening films.

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alycakes2777d ago

I think they got it right. Real Steel should have been number one. It was awesome and i'm seeing again this week. Best movie out for a while...the last few weeks haven't put out a whole lot although Warroir was really good this one was even better.

movieshateyoutoo2777d ago

I thought Real Steel was dreadful and the fact that the American viewing public has made this the #1 movie a second week in a row makes me want to do a "Picard facepalm."