Hugh Jackman Says He'd Consider Playing James Bond

CBM says

Hugh Jackman states he was in the running to play James Bond before Daniel Craig was cast and goes on to say that if Craig vacates the role, he's definitely interested in replacing him.

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alycakes3429d ago

I say stick with Wolverine and the other stuff he's doing...stay away from Bond and do your own thing.

iamnsuperman3429d ago

He's not the right fit. I want them to stay far away from the previous bonds and go the darker way. He looks like he would be more Pierce Brosnan than Daniel Craig

Crazay3429d ago

I'm not against someone like Jackman taking the reigns for the 007 series. I like him alot. Personally, I'm no big fan of the Bond movies and never liked them. I've watched one of the Daniel Craig flicks and wasn't overly interested in it and thought it was pretty boring.

alycakes3429d ago

Actually Daniel Craig is one of my favorite of the Bonds. I like him better than most that have played him except for Sean Connery. I've always been into the spy game movies so I like bond movies as long as they keep the plot interesting and not too over the top which they tend to do sometimes.

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