Movies Hate You Too Review: The Thing (2011)

Movies Hate You Too writes:
It's hard to be too critical of the idea of making a prequel to a movie that was already a remake. I would consider that to be hypocritical since it's my firm belief that John Carpenter's The Thing is one of the best horror films ever made and if one of the best horror films ever made can be a remake why can't a prequel to that film be at least decent? Simple, take almost everything that made the 1982 version great and either poorly imitate it or do the exact opposite.

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Very bad review. It starts with a complaint for the new Universal logo he don't like, he prefers the old one... pff!

Personally I loved the already remake of 1982 "The Thing" from Carpenter and I LOVED this NEW VERSION TOO! It's a Very Good movie, the BEST Horror/Science-Fiction since years!!

Go see it now, it's a kind of movie to be seen in a theater too !

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