LRA: Real Steel - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: This movie should not be as good as it is. Let me qualify that statement real quick though, by that I mean it should not even be in the league of mediocre let alone decent entertainment. Why is that you ask? First of all you have the man behind the camera, director Shawn Levy. He was responsible for such family "classics" as The Night at the Museum (as well as it's "amazing" sequel) and the recent remakes of Cheaper by the Dozen and The Pink Panther. Those films all share two very important qualities with each other. They were all directed by Levy and they were all successful despite how horrible they were. Secondly is the it's-so-cliche-I-shouldn&# 39;t-even-have-to-mention-it story with a father and son trying to reconnect after years of being apart. It isn't nearly as bad as you would think given those points but that still doesn't mean it is very good either.

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alycakes3424d ago

This review doesn't give the movie enough credit. I loved this movie. It was entertaining and inspiring. It kept me on the edge of my seat and it wasn't even a human fighting the fight. Also the little kid was great. The father son relationship that was so troubled also drew me into the story.

I will see this movie again. I actually called a couple of people after to tell them how great it was and told them to see it before wasting their money on Footloose.