LRA: 50/50 - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: This movie kind of snuck up on me. I had seen the poster but never really gave it much notice. Knowing that Seth Rogen was in it implied to me that it was a comedy so I sort of wrote it off as such. Then I actually saw the trailer and realized it was much more than a typical comedy, it was dealing with cancer. Now I don't know about you but using such a taboo subject as cancer as the backbone to a film requires a bit of finesse. So forget about getting all the particulars about the disease right and how it effects the person that has it as well as their friends and family because injecting humor into the proceedings is a much more delicate matter. I had faith though but not in Seth Rogen (whom I think is one of the funniest, if one note, guys out there) or first time feature film director Jonathon Levine (whom I had never heard of before this). I had faith in Joseph Gordon Levitt. The fact that he is just a fantastic actor aside he generally doesn't pick bad films to be in (G.I Joe was good...kind of...right?).

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