New 'Man of Steel' Set Pics: Superman Looks Like Wolverine

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Got a sweet treat in the mail just now. CraveOnline reader Lorraine Louie was on the set of Man of Steel in British Columbia and just snagged these sweet pecs... er, "pics," of Henry Cavill bearded and shirtless. (Lorraine Louie? L.L.? Curious...) There's not much information about the actual movie to be gleaned from this, apart from the fact that eventually Superman's going to need a shave. (How's he going to do that, exactly? Does Gillette offer kryptonite refill packs?) Oh, and a change of pants... which apparently he already has.

Lorraine also pointed out that this particular Superman has a nice set of chest pubes. That's a big change from the main you brought you the rippling, waxed muscles of 300, isn't it? Nice Mediterranean look you got going there, Kal-El. Does Krypton have a Mediterranean?


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Crazay4179d ago

I still can't get over how big this guy actually is. His physique reminds me more fo the comics than the movies with Christopher Reeves and Brandon Routh which is actually something I wanted to see this time around.

darklordzor4179d ago

This is exactly how Superman should be looking. And Crazay, you're right, he looks much more like the comics version. Just makes you wonder how he explains that away in his Clark Kent persona.

Crazay4179d ago

Well suits aren't exactly known for showing off your physique. My only concern with him at this point is what appears to be his naturally wavy/curly hair. Is it going to look too gelled to his head just to keep it straight? And also, the curl at the front...I'm sorry but you lost the red trunks, leave the curl intact.

milohighclub4178d ago

Superman doesn't always have super straight gelled hair.

DarkBlood4179d ago

im working out lol i hope to get that good within a year time frame got to say dammmmmmmmmmmmn nice muscles but as a guy that feels wrong for me in my mind lol

DarkBlood4179d ago

it be cool if they do a scene to lazer his beard off in front of a mirror or something lol

gdogg6664178d ago

hmmm yeaaaa this movie is starting to turn out to be a movie that i wouldnt even want to bootleg which is a shame cus they did batman right now they need to do superman right someone at hollywood must be way too much on crack cus a superman movie isnt all that hard to make

gdogg6664177d ago

we shall c we shall c lol

Psychonaughty4178d ago

This guy is from Jersey (not new Jersey, old Jersey) and I am also from Jersey and we all look like him, that is all.

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