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Why 'The Thing' Is Everything Wrong With Modern Hollywood

Moviefone says

Usually, when writing about a new movie, it's customary to provide a plot summary and any other important information at the top of your piece. When talking about this weekend's 'The Thing,' however... eh, what's the point? If you're really interested in seeing 'The Thing,' you can stay in this weekend and watch it on DVD; it was made in 1982 by John Carpenter (itself an entirely radical new interpretation of 1951's 'The Thing From Another World'). If you've already seen the 1982 version, then stay in and watch it again. As a B-level sci-fi horror movie, the new 'The Thing' -- technically a prequel to the 1982 classic -- is serviceably fine. The moment you connect it to the John Carpenter version though, it collapses under the weight of its own pointlessness. To put it bluntly, 'The Thing' represents everything wrong with modern Hollywood.

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Crazay3339d ago

I don't mind remakes/rehashes of older films if it can be done with a proper amount of respect to the source material. It's when they reimagine so much there's little to no resemblance to the original thay inspired it.

Kurylo3d3339d ago

this film isnt a remake or a rehash... its a prequel. And everything the author wrote is exactly what i feared about this movie.

IaMs123338d ago

I really liked the movie, i think they did an excellent job. Not as good as the original no but its not a fail...

edwest3338d ago

I'm not unsympathetic to the views in this article, I just think that we've heard this arguement before.

reznik_zerosum3338d ago

remake-sequel-comic-book-video -game-movie!

Legion3338d ago

It's not a remake. It's not a sequel. Has nothing to do with comic books or video games. But yes it is a movie.

It is a Prequel to the original story. It has some issues that bothers a few and issues rally that are over looked by most film goers these days.

The talk about similar experiences and sets is really pointless as the film is a prequel that eludes to these scenarios occurring do too the closed location and such.

Maybe people should stop stripping down movies and enjoy them for the entertainment that you get from watching them?

It's like watching Top Gun and complaining that they aren't following military protocol or even plausible scenarios with the dogfights and such. It is a friggin' movie.

DOOMZ3338d ago

Gotta stop with the CG gore & monsters guys... The John Carpenter film was 1000 times better, in story & effects... Nothing can top real props & such...

mpejko3338d ago

An over reaction my Moviefone. The Thing prequel is a good film, much better than it could have been and does its what it was supposed to do.

MasterD9193338d ago

I'd be careful because you may be dealing with a sequel soon enough...

ThatArtGuy3338d ago

You mean John Carpenter's movie? The end leads right into the beginning of the 82 movie.