'The Avengers' Trailer Sure To Make Waves

RTT News:
Leading off next summer's release schedule will be "The Avengers," a conglomeration of some of the biggest superheroes in the movies these days. The first full trailer went online this week, showing us little more than a few explosions and bringing the popular characters together, but that's to be expected this far away from its release date.

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man got the most screen time in the trailer, giving us a dire mission that the group must undertake and a few slick, humorous lines from Downey Jr. that show us the combination the movie will likely feature.

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I was already excited and then I saw the trailer and got even more excited. I just hate that we have to wait so long for the movie to get here. It's really going to be one of the best movies ever!