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What's The Best Show On TV Right Now?

EmpireOnline says:

Last year, we bid farewell to the mysterious hatch-filled island of Lost. Year before that, we waved goodbye to the good ship Battlestar Galactica (so say we all) for the last time. And, in the three years prior to that, The Wire, The Sopranos and The West Wing all exited stage left on an annual basis. So, with all the heavy-hitters having packed up their bags and marched off to immortal glory like an outnumbered Spartan, what is now the best show on television?

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Crazay3426d ago

I think that I have to agree with the writer on this. Breaking Bad is so freaking good and the season finale was mind blowing. I was happy to hear they're getting 2 more seasons but I'm more interested to know where the writers plan to go now after what just happened.

Blacktric3425d ago

They're getting 1 more season not 2. And it's going to be a 16 episode final season.

Crazay3424d ago

ya I knew that but there was talk that they were going to make that into 2 8 episode seasons. I haven't read anywhere that it's all going to air at the same time.

OSIRUSSS3425d ago

Breaking Bad or Hustle are the 2 best shows on TV now and its not even close.

Crazay3425d ago

Never seen Hustle - But I would probably put Dexter back up to the top with The Walking Dead as a close 3rd for me.

Blink_443425d ago

It's always sunny has been great so far.

NovusTerminus3424d ago

Breaking Bad
The Walking Dead
And........ I don't watch anything else.

Blink_443424d ago

Sunday can't come any sooner.

thebudgetgamer3424d ago

Louie is my favorite show on tv.