Starship Troopers: Invasion is Coming to a Theater Near You Reports that despite the previous two films going direct to DVD, a fourth Starshipp Troopers film is coming to cinemas.Starship Troopers:Invasion Is the working title and Neil Patrick Harris and Casper Van Diem are expected to return.

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Garethvk2777d ago

I have to wonder since they are planning to return to theaters if 3D is in the plans. I am ok with this as long as it is shot in 3D and not lab converted. Seeing the bugs coming at you would be fun.

darklordzor2777d ago

Well it's all in CGI so it's basically animated style 3D effects. It's not live action so no post-conversion worries here!

darklordzor2777d ago

Can't freaking wait. I love Starship troopers, even though the last two weren't that great, I think the franchise still has potential.

Rico's Roughnecks!

darklordzor2776d ago

Awesome, I was waiting on someone to finish it up for me!

hazelamy2777d ago

the second one was one of the most godawful films i ever had the misfortune to watch.
you know how the new galactica series had the cylons that look like humans and made it not look like a crappy way of saving money or just for softcore porn?
well the second troopers movie failed on both counts.

the third one was miles better, but still not a patch on the original.
it seemed like budgetary concerns were an issue for that one.
hopefully this one can be good.

i'd still like to get all that roughnecks cg series that got made, that was pretty cool.

Shackdaddy8362777d ago

I'm happy to hear it's coming to theaters. Hopefully this one will be as good if not better than the first...

2777d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.