Joel Schumacher On His "Dark Knight" Movie That Never Happened, And Hollywood's Best Bruce Wayne

IFC: The "Batman Forever" director takes responsibility for his "Batman & Robin" sequel and explains why there's one thing about his Batman that makes it the best.

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Kurylo3d2775d ago

this guy is tryn to ride the success of dark knight saying he could of and wanted to do it. He said batman and robin wasnt good but batman forever was. Hes delusional, they were both filled with neon lights with no sense of realism or caring...

and they both had batsuit nipples.

DarkBlood2775d ago

hey nipples need protection too :P lol

anyways was the 90's batman film suppose to have realism i thought it was more of a fantasy look with the way the cities and other stuff look

Kurylo3d2775d ago

i dont call neon flashing lights and glow paint ever being in the comics. :/

hilyou2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

The movie still would have sucked! seriously val kilmer as the best batman? pff... sure!

OSIRUSSS2774d ago

Nolan had to save Batman.Joel Schumacher tried to kill him.

MinimeJer052774d ago

Yeah, I don't buy it one minute. I'm sure after making WB a ton of money with the first one he could have gotten away with whatever he wanted, but he chose to make a silly and horrible film. Nice try.