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February 14, 2013 is A Good Day to Die Hard

Comingsoon says:

The fifth entry in the Die Hard franchise officially has a title and a release date, with 20th Century Fox revealing that the film will be called A Good Day to Die Hard and will hit theaters on February 14, 2013.

The film, drafted by Skip Woods (The A-Team, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) will be directed by John Moore (Max Payne) and is said to bring John McClane and his son to Russia. Bruce Willis is returning to his iconic role with no word yet on the casting of his son. Though Mary Elizabeth Winstead played McClane's daughter in Live Free or Die Hard, her character's brother was only mentioned offhand in that film and hasn't been seen since then-child actor Noah Land played the role in the original Die Hard.

The film is expected to begin production in January of 2012, filming on-location in Russia.

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Crazay3473d ago

That's freaking awesome...I was hoping it would take place at Christmas again but based on the release date, I don;t think I'll be getting my wish.

JL3473d ago

Well the original was released in July, yet it was still Christmas time in the movie. So not sure why this release date prevents it from taking place during Christmas.

Personally, I don't care for it to take place then, nor does the actual time of the year it takes place matter really. As long as McClane is back kicking ass (hopefully in an R rating), then I'm good.

Crazay3472d ago

I didn't even realizr the original came out then. To me Die Hard 1 and 2 are Christmas movies that I only ever watch during that time of year.

You're right though, the time of year it takes place in doesn't matter because I am a John Maclane fane too - just think it would have been fun to have it happen to him then. An R rating is what I'm very hopeful for.

MinimeJer053473d ago

I really disliked the fourth film and this fifth one sounds just as bad. Not liking the title and I don't really care about the film in general UNLESS it goes back to its R rated roots, which it probably wont.

Crazay3472d ago

I was really looking forward to Live Free or Die Hard then I heard there was no swearing in it and I was less than amused. The swearing thing isn't really something to be so worked up over but this is John "Yippe Kay Yay Mother Fucker" McClane. He's a rough around the edges old school New York cop. He's not Politically correct and he's a wise ass with a dirty mouth. I felt they clipped his nuts off with Live Free so I opted to wait until DVD release and was given the Directors Cut for Christmas and really liked it because he actually did swear a little. Not as much as I would have liked though.

MinimeJer053472d ago

Yeah, the Directors Cut was better, but it wasn't even real. They dubbed over his voice with a new audio track.

Crazay3472d ago

Really? Where'd you read/hear that?

MinimeJer053472d ago

Several DVD reviews mention it. The lips don't even match up in some scenes, because they always had it in mind to film it PG-13. They just had Willis dub over a few lines to drop in some F bombs.

alycakes3472d ago

Just glad to hear they'll be another one...I like John McClane's character so they can keep bringing him on as long as they can deliver on the story. He has a son too so isn't his son suppose to be in this one?

Crazay3472d ago

Ya - his son is supposed to be the family member featured in this movie. I assume he'd be an adult by now and my guess is a memeber of the police force or military.