5 Reasons The Avengers Trailer Was Kind Of A Letdown

Cinemablend says

You know how I know yesterday's trailer for The Avengers didn't really set the world on fire? Because I was away from my computer when it went online, and by the time I got back two hours later, nobody on my twitter feed was talking about it. Yes, of course, everyone watched the trailer-- it's the first look at a blockbuster that's been taking shape since the first Iron Man in 2007, and any glimpse at Captain America and Tony Stark picking on each other is worth a look. But once it had been seen, it seemed to fade away instantly, making no more impact than the official images and set photos that we'd been seeing for months. If you barely knew that there was an Avengers movie coming, sure, maybe this was exciting; if you've been following it for months like we have? You might have already forgotten it happened.

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Crazay3431d ago

I didn't feel at all let down by the trailer. I thought it was pretty sweet with the only thing missing being the bad guys. I can't wait to see the Skrulls.

SantistaUSA3431d ago

Agreed! The trailer was awesome, and I can't wait until we all get to watch the movie!

I also love how the Hulk looks, well for the little bit it was showed :)

Crazay3431d ago

I think Hulk looks pretty good too. I'd like to see him in the grand scheme of things next to the other member though. AsI said in another post he looks beefier than the last movie.

DarkBlood3431d ago

damn how beefier can you make the hulk :P

darklordzor3431d ago

Yeah I think people were expecting too much from this first trailer. It's only a teaser, and as far as teasers go it was pretty awesome. They aren't going to give us all the money shots in the teaser.

Basically that's what every point this article makes is about. They wanted things in it that no teaser - ever - gives us. We should just enjoy the first footage and wait patiently for the full trailers.

Crazay3431d ago

Stupid teasers not running for 2hrs in length....

alycakes3431d ago

The trailer was not a let down...what's wrong with these people?

frelyler3431d ago

NIN music and some great video editing made this trailed in my opinion awesome. Everyone already knows just about everything there is to at this point. There have been 3 movies to set up the premise, no one is talking about it because we just want to see it. I think it's going to be an awesome movie and I can't wait.

Lord_Sloth3430d ago


*continues chant*