Immortals Gets An R While Ghost Rider 2 Goes With PG-13

The MPAA ratings are in. Immortals gets an R for sequences of strong bloody violence and a scene of sexuality while Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance gets a PG-13 for intense sequences of action and violence and some disturbing images and language.

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alycakes4186d ago

I thought this second Ghost Rider was going to end up with an R rating when they started out.....I wonder what happened?

MinimeJer054186d ago

Most of the footage and interviews were pointing towards the R, but I guess not.

Hopefully we find out more soon.

JL4186d ago

Exactly. Everything I had seen and heard from the directors really indicated an R rating. All signs were pointing to it. Definitely weird that it didn't work out that way.

I don't see the studio making them cut it back to PG-13, cause they put it under the Marvel Knights label. And they knew the history of the directors. Maybe they just were able to "dupe" the MPAA and skate by...?

MinimeJer054186d ago

That's honestly what I think happened. Neveldine/Taylor would have been vocal if Sony wouldn't allow them to make THEIR cut of the film.

It must have just sort of worked.

alycakes4185d ago

Maybe when the blu ray special uncut edition comes out it will be the version that should have been the R rated one.