47 High-Res Screenshots From The Avengers Trailer Reveal Cap Fighting Thor, And Much More

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By now you've probably already caught the brand new trailer for The Avengers that debuted online today, giving us our first look at the full team assembled to fight Loki and his outer space powers, in addition to squabbling with each other and engaging in a little one-upmanship. Even given the set photos and official images that have already been released, there's a lot of new stuff to pick through that you might not catch on one viewing of the trailer. So in the gallery below you can check out 47 high-res screen shots from the trailer pointing out some of the things you might have missed the first time around. Like, say, Captain America and Thor fighting?

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darklordzor4181d ago

Yeah I caught the Thor vs. Captain America fight while watching the trailer, and was very interested in what that was all about.

Maybe it's a first meeting kind of deal and they think each other are the enemy or something.

Crazay4181d ago

This was something they kinda hinted at a year ago that there would be friction between Thor and other members. I was under the impression it would be with Hulk but it looks like its Cap...unless Thor is going after Hulk and Cappy is just getting in the way to put a stop to the fight...come to think of it, I think that's more likely what's happening there.

Christopher4181d ago

If you've ever watched the animated movies/series, there's always a bit of friction between them. Most of it due to a misunderstanding between a lot of people who are trying to do the same thing while thinking they can do it all alone.

Crazay4180d ago

So it's really more of a clash of egos then.

Christopher4180d ago

Typically. The problem I have is that in the comic books, they have gone way past this concept. In the movies and TV shows, though, they keep recycling these issues just so they can have them fight each other, especially Hulk vs everyone else.

I'm tired of seeing it, honestly.

pianosteps4180d ago

Really? First thing I thought was that Thor heard of Cap's shield being unbreakable so he wanted to test if it would withstand Mjolnir

alycakes4180d ago

I think most of it is a ego thing between the men...I think it will always be shown that way until push comes to shove and they are really challenged with a real threat to the world then they all come together.

CLOUD19834180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

I didn't see the most important thing imo in this trailer HULK smash puny super heroes I want it to see at least 1 scene and nothing :(

I wish they make the comic "WORLD WAR HULK" a movie that will be the most awesome MARVEL movie ever by far just think HULK vs every super hero in MARVEL universe,to see him smash their skulls one by one X-MEN / FANTASTIC 4 / AVENGERS all of them together :D

UnSelf4180d ago

wow. u sound just like me. spot on bruh