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Player Affinity writes: "It would be pretty difficult to deny that Sunday was largely about Breaking Bad’s fourth season finale for me and likely many viewers of Dexter, but when the dust was settled for another year over at AMC, Showtime’s behemoth stood front and center. Dexter’s sixth season premiere had a lot to take on last week when it hit screens, as the fifth season wasn’t what one might call universally loved. Scour the internet and you’ll find no shortage of people that cite the fifth season as their favorite, but conversely, you’ll find many that would take a rusty pole to Julia Stiles/Lumen Pierce’s face given the opportunity. Taking its task in stride, the premiere would likely have converted many (if not most) of the season five haters, with an abundance of character and plot progression. While the goings on of the past year hadn’t been solidified quite yet, we’d dealt with any residual rubbish from the gap by the episode’s end. Then along came “Once Upon a Time...”"

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