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"Face Off" is an episode that I know I will be mulling over and dissecting for a couple of weeks, for it was one packed full of intrigue and symbolism, and one whose events make it difficult not to mentally go back and retrace the steps that led us to the conclusion. So far, deconstructing the events of the season has brought up many questions for me, and there are some things that quite frankly seem a bit difficult to believe (I'll go into this in below), but nevertheless, this episode was so satisfying and so well done, that I am content to shelve my reservations and just enjoy the overall mastery of this season finale.

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MorningStar3433d ago

Loved this episode a great ending. Yes Gus walking out was a bit OTT but when you see the face its just WOW and it works. A great way for him to leave the show.

Entropic3433d ago

I definitely agree. I was extremely impressed with how well the fragmented Gus Fring was rendered on screen. It didn't look cheap (which I was almost expected simply because this isn't a AAA movie), but shame on me for thinking Breaking Bad would deliver anything less than awesome.

There are so many things to look forward to next season, and so many questions left unanswered; I for one can't wait!

Megaton3433d ago

It was extremely predictable and the Terminator-esque Gus made me cringe. The moment they mentioned the guy in the wheelchair, I knew exactly how it was gonna play out, and it did 100%. Disappointing.

Lord_Sloth3433d ago

This picture is a spoiler.


I'm still on season 3...

Entropic3432d ago

Lord_sloth, you're absolutely right, and I am terribly sorry for the mess-up here. I posted the picture thinking it was a big moment of the episode, and by the time I realized that not everyone reading the review would have watched it, it had already been approved and I couldn't change the picture. I believe one of the admins took care of it, but you have every right to hate me; sorry doesn't do much now, but I do feel terrible about it.

Lord_Sloth3432d ago

Meh. It happens. Just be cautious in the future, bro.

Robearboy3433d ago

I think I must be alone in hoping that Walter White gets away with everything

Every review and comment I have come across indicates that all that he does is for self presavation but Im more inclined in thinking that he does it all for his family and anyone who has children knows that the boundry of what is right and wrong is blurred when it comes to that love.

awesome show, the best on TV

Anon19743432d ago

You're not alone. Although Walt certainly walks the line, there is a chance for redemption, it is possible to make Walt human again which I think would make far more of an impact than simply bearing witness to his destruction. I've been expecting Walt's character to become darker and darker until he ultimately self destructs since the beginning.

Watching this play out has been a bit disappointing because we all expected it. You want to wow me, realistically pull him back from the brink. Make it a story of redemption, make it a story of a man finding his way out of the dark rather than giving in until his ultimate destruction.

I know it's not going to happen though and I feel it's almost lazy. Easier to destroy a character than to save him. You know what would be cool? To redeem the character and then destroy him. That would have far more impact, if you ask me.

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