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Netflix Changes Mind Again…Qwikster Cancelled

According to the Netflix Blog posted this morning, Netflix will continue to send DVDs by mail. They have made the decision not to separate into Qwikster so that customers will have only one bill and one website. In the blog this morning, Reed Hasting (CEO of Netflix) stated, “While the July price change was necessary, we are now done with price changes.”

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alycakes4660d ago

I guess they didn't think they were going to get so much negative reaction on this. The power of the people and the press still has a lot of pull because it still affects that bottom line...MONEY.

RememberThe3574659d ago

Plus, the reasons they gave are really good ones. One bill, one website, one service, it's just easier that way.

I love Netflix and there really isn't a service like it. But I don't have the DVD and wont be getting it. I get my new releases from Redbox.

SantistaUSA4659d ago

People's money do talk, I just cancelled my Netflix subscription last week. To me, looks like they have no clue on what to do, I was ok with the price change, but percentage wise it was too much, if they would have current shows online like Hulu then I would have kept my service.

Yo Mama4660d ago

Now give me back my 1 disc out at a time + unlimited streaming for $9 a month and I MAY decide to restart my subscription.

JL4659d ago

That's never going to happen. Nor should it. People need to stop whining about that. They gave away free streaming with DVD-by-Mail subscriptions at first to get people interested in the new service.

Now, the service has caught on like wildfire and costs are way too high for them to continue to give it away free.

Sarick4660d ago

Yay, this was gonna make me get blockbuster they may have saved themselves from losing me entirely.

iliimaster4659d ago

netflix actually listens i love this company but are they going to rent games still????

DeFFeR4659d ago

they are "still considering it" meaning... "no, but we'll tell you that we're thinking about it for a few months and then you'll forget"

JL4659d ago

I don't think "still considering it" necessarily means that at all. Obviously, they listen to customers. And the game perk seemed to get quite a few people excited. So, at some point I think it's inevitable that they do at least try video games.

SantistaUSA4659d ago

well they are listening because they have lost millions of subscribers since the changes! Blockbuster is taking advantage of the situation and getting more customers, I've already seen a couple commercials from them, couple of my friends switched to them already.

PLAYER50954659d ago

?. are they still charging for both services dvd+streaming but just under one roof or r they back to both services for 10bux?

DeFFeR4659d ago

Price still up, just consolidated services again.

PLAYER50954659d ago

thanx. wasnt clear enough for me!

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