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Orlando Bloom Would Love To Go Back To Pirates Of The Caribbean

Daily Star:
ORLANDO Bloom wants to rejoin Johnny Depp and swashbuckle his way back into the Pirates Of The Caribbean films.

Speaking at the premiere of his new blockbuster The Three Musketeers, Orlando told me: “I was quite sad not to be in the fourth and I really miss working on them. If they said they wanted me back, of course I’d do it. It’s great to see the franchise still doing well.”

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Quagmire3429d ago

The three musketers looks like a spin-off of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Maybe they could merge the storylines perhaps.

But how would you include Will Turner being back into the story without Elizabeth or their son. I suppose Will is bound by the sea, so that would explain why Elizabeth and Will Jr. wont be shown.

I hope they make the next two films as epic as the Davy Jones saga. OOH! Maybe Will can also control a new Kraken!

userco3429d ago

we would love to see him back!

alycakes3428d ago

I would love to see Will Turner come back to the movie. I think it would be interesting if it took place maybe in 10 more yrs when his son is 20 yrs old and comes looking for him with Captain Jack Sparrow. That would make for a great story because it would also bring back Davy Jones and all those other guys too.

DarkBlood3428d ago

but davy jones is dead no? unless thats just a placeholder name for the captian of the ship

alycakes3428d ago

Well, he died before and came back so what's to say they can't do that know how those movies are...they always find a way...with some curse or something. Wouldn't that be fun?

DarkBlood3427d ago

oh ok well there was that jack sparrow thing coming back in the third movie

i just thought or assumed once his heart was stabbed it was gamer over for him lol then again jack sparrow literally got eaten or something

DarkBlood3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )