U.K. Trailer For Steven Soderbergh's 'Haywire'

Contagion is still playing in many theaters across the country, but Steven Soderbergh, ever the busy filmmaker, has another movie hitting in a few months. You may have forgotten, but we’ll soon be seeing his first full-fledged action movie, Haywire. Led by MMA fighter Gina Carano (in her acting debut), the first preview showed off some fight and stunt work that’s more impressive than just about anything that played in multiplexes this summer.

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JL2808d ago

I saw some advance footage from this before and they're right. The fight work in this movie looks definitely impressive. Very hard-hitting and realistic too. It should definitely be entertaining if for nothing but the fight scenes.

MinimeJer052807d ago

Looking forward to this movie but that trailer is the same as the US minus a different voice over.

Read an interview where Soderbergh said he was having troubles cutting this from down from an R to a PG13, which worries me.

alycakes2806d ago

That would worry me too but this trailer does look impressive. I am going to like this movie just because of the action. I love action movies and watching a woman kick some ass is even more fun to watch at times.