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Top 10 Most Awesome Vampire TV Shows

From Blade to True Blood, to Buffy and more, EuroTV counts down their top 10 favorite vampire TV shows.

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alycakes3425d ago

I love all that is Vampire but saying that doesn't mean that all Vampire shows and all Vampire movies are done well...because they're not.

These days True Blood is what's in and I do love the show but it is too racy for just anyone to watch so unless you don't care about what your child watches, this isn't something being talked about at the school cafeteria like they used to do when they watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer....which, by the way, is still my all time favorite.

The Blade movies were good but the tv show Blade ran for one season didn't make it. I actually liked the show but it just didn't get the audience it needed to stay on the air.

Vampire Diaries has a big fan base and I don't really care for that show very much. I have tried to watch it and it just hasn't caught my interest to the point where I just have to know what's going to happen next...

Moonlight, Bloodties and Kindred were all good and all had good story lines but none lasted. I don't know why they didn't so as well as Buffy but for whatever reason all were only one season and all left us with cliffhangers just like the Blade tv series.

I'm waiting for another Buffy type show but a little more on the edge but not to the extent of True Blood so that it can be on regular tv or basic cable like FX,TNT,or SYFY.