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Real Steel is Box Office Champ, Biggest Boxing Opening Ever

MediaStinger: "In its opening round, Real Steel scored the biggest debut ever for a boxing movie, easily good to win the box office title this weekend over fellow newcomer The Ides of March, which was the runner-up."

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morkendo4181d ago

Real Steel is Box Office Champ, Biggest Boxing Opening Ever

U kidding right? let it stand against STAR WARS, DARK NIGHT RISES,TRANSFORMERS,AVENGERS see how well it hold-up
this is flamebait to get hits. real steel be REAL DEAD competing against heavy hitters.

JL4180d ago

Umm it says biggest BOXING opening ever. Last I checked, none of those movies you mentioned were boxing movies.

morkendo4180d ago


there is no other ROBOT movie currently COMPETING!! they have not made ROCK'EM SOCK'EM ROBOT MOVIE so there is none. and as i said if TRANSFORMER "DARK OF THE MOON" WAS NEWLY RELEASE sametime as real steel this would not be a issue.
(they do box,fight starscream, megatron) tech. boxing like fighting....transformers would blow them away.

JL4180d ago

No offense, but I think your reading comprehension is sorely off here. Again, it says the biggest opening for a boxing movie ever. This means of any boxing movie ever released, this grossed the most in its opening weekend. The previous movie to hold that title was Rocky IV.

This is undeniable FACT. So, not sure why you're still arguing against it. This isn't an opinion. They're not talking about it being the best boxing movie ever. Or the best robot movie ever. They're saying that this is the boxing movie to make the most money in its opening weekend. FACT.

And again, this is for all-time (though not adjusted for inflation), so it's competition is every boxing movie ever released (ie Rocky, Cinderella Man, The Fighter, Ali, etc).

And I'm sorry, but if you are trying to say Transformers is even remotely close to being a boxing movie, then you are sadly mistaken. Just because a movie has fighting in it, does not make it a boxing movie. There's a vast difference between fighting in action movies and boxing (the sport) movies.

Again, fact: Real Steel now holds the record as the high grossing debut for a BOXING movie. Fact. Plain and simple. No amount of irrational arguing from your point will change that.

Soldierone4180d ago

Even with that mistake, there is a good point in all of this. Does anyone think this movie would at all stack up if it were released during summer instead and marketed as a big blockbuster hitter?

Personally I wanted to see it the very second I saw the first trailer.

alycakes4180d ago

Maybe not ever....but it was for this weekend so let it have it's 15 minutes of fame. I didn't get to go this weekend but I think I'll go during the week when it's not so crowded. I really want to see this movie.

Soldierone4180d ago

Same here. Can't stand the rude crowds that go through the theaters on opening weekend. Going when no one is there is so much better, makes me enjoy more movies too.

JL4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

I don't go to the theaters all that often, but when I do I definitely go to avoid crowds. That's why I'll always wait till a movie has been out a week or two. Plus then I'll go either during the day or to the late night showing on a weeknight (Monday or Tuesday).

P.S. No they're right. It is the highest grossing boxing movie in its debut weekend. Previous holder of that title was Rocky IV.

morkendo4180d ago

im like you JL
i dont go to theaters either now days i go to VUDU on ps3 watch in theaters movies on couch. next day viewing

JL4180d ago

Very few movies get put on VUDU that are still in theaters. The only ones to ever get that are small release indie films that get put on VOD at the same time as theatrical release because they release in very limited markets and the studio knows most don't even have the option to go see it.

alycakes4179d ago

I think the key word was 'boxing' movie on that one. Can't wait to see it though...I know it's going to be great.

alycakes4175d ago

Loved it, loved it, loved it.