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Recycled Parts: How Real Steel Kind Of Steals From 4 Other Movies

CB: Real Steel may be set in a not-so-distant future, where man has perfected artificial beings for the sole purpose of satisfying society’s bloodthirst, but it’s remarkable how many films from Hollywood’s past Shawn Levy references before the final bell rings. Some are obvious. Countless reviewers are falling back on various iterations of “Rocky with Robots” in their critiques. And while that’s accurate, it also misses the other movies Levy … well, I don’t want to say steals from, simply because Steel already is in the film’s title. Let’s say “borrows” from, so as not to point fingers, and run through a handful of pictures that come to mind while watching Real Steel.

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mpejko3436d ago

I take some pride in being the first critic to link Real Steel with Over the Top. It's the inner Stallone tragic in me, I guess.