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Six Sequels That Tried To Go Bigger Than The Originals

CB - The title of this weekend's big sequel tells you everything about how its director is upping the stakes: The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence tells you that if you were horrified by the doings in the first movie, this time they're showing you the full deal, so you'd better be prepared. But of course, Tom Six isn't the first director to try and make his sequel grosser, bigger, crazier or plain weirder than the first movie in an attempt to get people to buy tickets again. Even when you get good sequels like The Dark Knight or The Godfather Part II, they're giving you more than you got the first time around; it's not as garish to promote an intricate back story with Don Corleone, but it's the same basic premise as offering a six-person human centipede instead of just three.

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edwest3432d ago

Erm, where's Matrix Reloaded in this list?