IGN - Supernatural: "The Girl Next Door" Review

IGN - Supernatural returned to the more typical monster of the week storyline in "The Girl Next Door", which was a bit jarring considering how much the cliffhanger from the previous week felt like it had left the Winchesters in mortal danger. Although the beginning of this episode picked up immediately where last week had left off, within the first five minutes Bobby rescued Dean and Sam lickety-split, and they escaped without much ado to recuperate in some back woods cabin.

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alycakes4183d ago

This was an upsetting episode and one that left me wondering about a couple of things. How are they going to live now if they can't use their fake id's. How are they going to survive without cash? These new demons can find them and track them now so easily....they seem to be all over the place now.

And Dean doing what he did at the end....I know it was what he had to do but still with the little boy there...that wasn't what I was expecting. It really took me by surprise.