FilmDistrict Sued Over 'Misleading' 'Drive' Trailer

THR: A Michigan woman was disappointed with the Ryan Gosling film, having expected "Fast and Furious" style thrills.

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JL4372d ago

Wow. How stupid. I hate people like this. Never once did I get a fast and furious vibe from this. At all. She's just ignorant. And on top of that she wants to play the race card and claim it encourages hate crimes? Please.

No way this flies, nor should it. It would just set precedent for people to continually do this. I just hope the studio doesnt settle out of court with her. Take her through the ringer and let the court go ahead and rule on the case so they can set precedent that this stuff wont fly.

alycakes4371d ago

I agree. Please don't let people start doing this! It will start the ball rolling for others just to get their 15 minutes and some money and it will never end...also it might hurt all of us who loyally go to the movies for exactly what we do expect, entertainment.

edwest4371d ago

Funny, because if Mrs Deming had in fact paid attention during the film, which in itself is a whopping 1hr 40 minutes. She would in fact know that the jewish gangster, played by Ron Perlman, complains about the bigotry he is assailed with on a daily basis. Hardly condoning predjudice, and as JL stated, playing the race card as an alibi.

The judge should throw this case out, Mrs Deming sounds like a complete professional.

Batman52734371d ago

I would agree that the trailer was very misleading. Many people thought it would be a movie like the Transporter.

But since we are suing for misleading trailers, can I sue the film company for Bridesmaids? That movie was god awful and unfunny.

Blink_444371d ago

This movie is amazing, I didn't think the trailer was misleading at all. Now the movie Cyrus, that had a misleading trailer.

MinimeJer054371d ago

This is the dumbest piece of news ever. What a complete idiot. I can't believe the lady was even able to sue.


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