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Terra Nova - Instinct Review | Player Affinity

Player Affinity writes: "Terra Nova followed its good two-part premiere with an even better episode. "Instinct" struck a more personal chord with its villains (pterosaurs fighting for their breeding ground and an old flame hoping to re-conquer Elizabeth Shannon) as well as with its protagonists (teenagers discovering and parents rediscovering love). The relationships that seemed clumsily dealt with in the extended premiere were handled with care in an episode that did not need dinosaurs to make us fear for our characters."

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SITH3438d ago

This is a stupid show. Humans could not survive when dinosaurs walked the earth because the oxygen rich astmosphere was lethal.

Cat3438d ago

Forget the ridiculous premise - b/c ridiculous premise is ridiculous - the whole show is just unwatchable IMO. So heavy-handed, clumsily delivered, just...ugh. I can't watch any more.

gaffyh3437d ago

I 100% agree with you Cat. I watched the pilot, and could not understand why it was so bad. I mean Steven Spielberg is involved in both this and Falling Skies, yet Falling Skies is sooo much better.

Things I hated about Terra Nova:
-Really bad graphics, extremely obvious that the majority of landscapes and dinosaurs look nowhere near real.
-Crappy actors, especially the bearded guy who is the head of the compound. He just looks weird, and cannot act. Though, there are quite a lot of bad actors in this.
-Stupid premise, I expected it to be a new world rather than simply going back to the past, so stupid. Surely this is the dumbest thing to do because you eventually will get wiped out by a meteor.

It is ok, but I'm going to wait until we find out if it's cancelled or renewed for another series, because I've got the feeling it will be cancelled very quickly.

zag3437d ago

I was actually thinking why would you want to go back to that time as all the dinos get wiped.

Also if those people survive they would screw up history after all you have people with 2020 tech stuff and automatic guns etc.

I think they should have waited on the sixers until the second or third year, instead of having them in the very first show.

It's like they have to pull all their ace cards out right away and then it'll slowly get boring.

also what I find odd is there's no insects etc you'd be getting attacked all the time with all sorts of stuff and dinos that people will never know about also I would think sonic guns would attract rather than repel dinos from all over the place as they wouldn't know what it is and then start attacking as it's easy food.

ColdWinter3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

The reason they went back in time to the dino period is because they have not perfected the time machine to the point where they can choose the most suitable time period to go back to and the reason they don't worry about them screwing up the future by being there is because they have already confirmed that they are in a different time stream than their future so no matter what they do will change nothing in the future they are coming from. Also we can't tell of the sixers are the ace cards as yet because we know nothing much about them and why they don't co exist with the terra nova population.

There have also been two occasions when they showed insects.
1) when Jim(father) was clearing away some weeds off the fence and fell off when he saw a giant centipede
2) When a guy was suffering from too much oxygen in his body and they prescribed that he he had the excess oxygen sucked of him by a huge leech like bug.

Also sonic weapons have been proven to drive away wild animals some police even use them to drive away rioters.