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Why Tom Cruise Still Matters in the Film Industry

Updated: THR analyzes how the actor continues to score new roles, despite near-death career moves.
This story first appeared in the Oct. 14 issue of The Hollywood Reporter.

Tom Cruise would make a great Survivor contestant. Despite his peculiar public image and less-than-stellar domestic box office in recent years, the 49-year-old has four big studio movies hitting theaters in the next 18 months: Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol in December, the now-filming One Shot for Paramount, June's Rock of Ages for New Line and the untitled Joseph Kosinski sci-fi epic for Warner Bros. And THR has learned that Warners is again talking to the actor for the lead in its big-budget sci-fi war pic We Mortals Are (aka All You Need Is Kill), being directed by Doug Liman.

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alycakes4613d ago

I think he'll always have a career. He's a good actor. A lot of actors have made bad calls at one time or another but it hasn't held them back....he's no different except that he's very driven and very talented.

outwar60104613d ago

isn't he part of a cult known as the scientologists...........

Batman52734613d ago

He will always have a career, however to me he does not carry the same star power as he used to. I am not running out to a movie because he is in it. Yes he is a good actor, but annoying, so is his wife.

alycakes4613d ago

I will pay to see something like Mission Impossible. An action thriller is always good when he makes it. I wouldn't go see something like Rock of Ages probably but action drama....yes I would go pay to see his movies still and will for as long as he remains talented....if I ever see that talent slip...then maybe I'll stop.


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