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Will Justin Lin's Terminator Movie Ever Happen?

IGN - Fast Five's director, Justin Lin, is a very busy man.

He's gearing up to shoot Fast Six and Seven, back to back, and conclude the Fast and Furious franchise. So where does that leave the director's most anticipated project: A fifth Terminator movie with Arnold?

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DarkBlood3434d ago

well my mom will go nuts espically with jason statham being in the next fast furious movie as she likes to claim almost most of the guys in there are her boyfreinds lol (yes i know i still live here and 20 years old jeeze lol)

but i really want another terminator movie right now with arnold properlly being in it despite how badass the 1984 cgi appearance was

MinimeJer053433d ago

I doubt Lin will have time for Terminator in the near future. If Fast 6 and 7 do well I'm sure he'll have tons of other offers come across his desk.

I do want to see him try something different, but at the same time maybe he's not the right man for Terminator.

Quagmire3433d ago

Maybe they can explain Arnie's age by casting him as a Human, the original design for all Terminators he created. I dunno, hopefully this movie is good, Salvation wasnt too bad, Rise of the Machine was horrible, but 1 and 2 were epic.

Hopefully he makes this right, I mean he managed to make Fast Five pretty much the BEST Fast and Furious film there is.

userco3431d ago

we want terminator 5 with or without him...