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FOX Renews The Simpsons for 24th and 25th Seasons

Collider says:

There were recent concerns that FOX would not be renewing the “longest running scripted series on television” The Simpsons due to an impasse in negotiations with principal cast members. Rest assured that the network’s flagship program will now remain on the air for another two seasons, bringing the total number of episodes to 559. There is no word yet on just what concessions were made on either side of the bargaining table or if the 25th season will indeed be the last.

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DarkBlood3434d ago

well 25th is a good number to end the show

Quagmire3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

agreed, I don't know how they could continue, and also the actors are getting quite old...if you know what I'm getting at.

Maybe another Simpsons movie to end the series will be a great send off.

DarkBlood3434d ago

yeah then if they really wanted too do a super blu-ray bundle pack including the whole 25th seasons for a whooping 300 dollars i bet for which is kind of reasonable considering the amount of content youd get

but the price is just a guess anyways lol hope they dont get any ideas

tunaks13434d ago

just end it already, the longer they continue the more they tarnish the name.