Jim Sheridan Wanted His Name Off 'Dream House'

The LA Times says:

Since it came out a week ago, Jim Sheridan’s horror picture “Dream House” hasn’t made many people happy. Less than 10% of critics on Rotten Tomatoes have given it a “fresh” rating, and the film, which stars Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz as a couple tormented by ghosts, has taken in a paltry $9.5 million.

Apparently there was someone else who wasn’t tickled with “Dream House”: Jim Sheridan.
The six-time Oscar nominee was in fact so displeased with the finished film he sought to have his name removed from it.

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mpejko4181d ago

You know todays film industry is in in a bad place when a film directed by Jim Sheridan, and starring the likes of Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts, is one of the worst reviewed films of the year.

MinimeJer054180d ago

That's too bad. The movie had potential with its cast and director, but sadly it was just a big mess.

Wish we could see his cut, the one that screened bad.

Soldierone4180d ago

To be honest its Hollywood being full of themselves. Perhaps this will kick some people back into gear. The whole "oh wow this does actually suck" is the thought many big names need to get through their head.

I do my absolute best to like films, and it has made me like a few more things than normal. However I can't help but absolutely hate some films, they truly are bad. I think with Disney re-releasing things will lead to other studios doing it, forcing people to now compete with actual good films and make them step up their game.