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Sony Buying Movie Rights to Steve Jobs Biography

Sony's movie studio is in final talks to acquire the movie rights to the highly anticipated authorized biography of Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

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JL4183d ago

That didn't take long.

DarkBlood4182d ago

im not one to say things like this often at all really but isnt this in a sense wrong?

other then those who follow apple since the dawn of time or apprieate the technology if this is going for profit they arent going to get that much i think considering the type of people who go see movies

other then that i seem to remeber watching a movie of how apple started, i believe bill gates was there too and showed how microsoft started or was it ibm

TOSgamer4182d ago

I think your referring to Pirates of Silicon Valley.

JL4182d ago

Eh, I don't necessarily think it's wrong. It's exploitation on some level, but no harm.

And I do think there will be an audience for this. Much like there was an audience for Social Network.

And yea, Pirates of Silicon Valley documented the rise of the home computer showing off the rivalry between Apple and Microsoft.

Bull5hifT4181d ago

That Evil Biological Brother Will Ferrel had in Step brothers could play the young steve and the Old Guy From BABE that piggy Movie can play him now

Infernostew4181d ago


The name of the actor in Step Brothers is Adam Scott. He was also in a great comedy TV show called Party Down and is currently on Parks and Recreation. I'd think he'd be great for the role of young Jobs as well.

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Quagmire4182d ago

Wow, first Michael Jackson and now Steve Jobs? I'm surprised they didnt snap up the Osama killing earlier.

JL4182d ago

Oh that snapped that one up pretty quickly too. I almost want to say a couple different movies are in the making for that.

Thatguy-3104181d ago

didnt they snap one about that one guy that went into battle with them at court because of the hacking incident?

funkyroy4182d ago

They want to pay tribute to a guy that worked at Apple, so Sony is actually not only paying Steve Jobs a tribute, but also to Apple, which I think is really cool :)
By the way Stevey, Rest in peace man, if it wasn't for you there wouldn't have been the iPhone to my right, and as they all say, three apples changed the world. The Apple Eve ate, the Apple that fell on Newton's head, and your very own Apple, Steve. Thank you for everything you have done to make the world the place it is today.

Soldierone4181d ago

Unless they spin it into some hollywood style film like The Social Network then i don't think it will be a movie, or at least not major release.

I mean we have to remember Sony also runs a TV company too, and I can see this becoming a TV related thing.

If they don't and they go as far as to advertising Apple with it, they would be hurting themselves....